Maasai are very deliberate about greetings, farewells, and expressing thanks when they visit our clinics. Some go farther and give us God’s blessing. Others send a liter of milk or yogurt or a grilled leg of goat to convey their thanks for medical care. Kulunju came to me with a fist-sized keloid mass at the angle of his jaw which kept getting larger. He had to wear a hoodie so people would not stare at him. After excising the mass and closing the wound, I transported him 6 hours to Kenya the next day for radiation treatment to
prevent a recurrence of the keloid. Kulunju was so thankful to be free of an ugly mass of 15 years’ duration that he insisted I come with my family to receive a goat and meal from his extended family. Last month we visited his community and met his parents and his wife. Expressing their faith in Jesus comes naturally to them. It was obvious that their gracious hospitality was an expression of the family’s thanks to God for his healing in Kulunju’s life. When we left Kulunju’s parting blessing was, “Enturubare Enkai.” Go with God.

God intends that we go through life being filled with gratitude for all of God’s abundant blessings. Jesus gave thanks at every meal. Being thankful fills all aspects of our lives with
contentment, joy, and meaning. It helps to overcome loneliness and depression. A huge irony we experience in Tanzania is that often the people who have very little are also the most thankful and generous. With thanks for each one of you,
Steve and Bethany Friberg